Friday, November 16, 2012

Field Trip!!

I was homeschooled as you all know and never went on a field trip. So today was my first and I have to say the MOST AWESOMEST FIELD TRIP EVER!!!!!!!!!! We took two students and made our way down to Indy! Miss Amber drove and did a fabulous job! I would be remiss not to mention that (what looked to be a 12 year old) a young man tried racing us in his camero and we totally smoked him. We may or may not have waved as we passed him. I can neither confirm or deny. We had so much fun riding together I think we could have just drove down there and back and been happy as clams.
 Any field trip that involves going to the Cheesecake Factory is a good one in my book!
I FINALLY got to go to a Sephora instead of online shopping! AMEN AND AMEN! I LOVED it!!!!! And one of the ladies there complimented me on my eye shadow. I was quite pleased to tell her it was Sephora!  

I'm rather amused on how I have turned into this girl now that actually pays attention to her makeup and is *trying* to make her hair look decent. (it's a fight i've been battling for 30 years now so no one get too excited about that!) 

Some things about me will never change though. I still do not like to spend very much time getting ready. Let's face it. I would rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes than waste that time putting on makeup! So while I may be using more makeup and trying to apply it expertly, I'm still doing it with my speed!

All in all a super fabulous fun day! I don't normally work on Fridays but I'm glad I did today!!

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lori said...

haha i dont like to spend much time getting ready either, my sleep is too important!