Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Week in Review

Well it has dawned on me that I need to blog actual WORDS and not just pictures. Goodness knows my memory is failing as it is, so I want to remember by my blog what went on. So in words here is a review of the past week +

Saturday 12-22, I ran around town doing last minute Christmas shopping. I am the person that starts shopping super early and am always done usually before December. But the whole Vegas thing threw me off, so I ran around town getting last minute items. Thankfully I only went to Walgreens and Menards, but that was enough for me! After shopping I babysat Madi that evening, and Bethy, although she would be horrified if she knew I referred to her as someone who needed babysat! We had fun though! After I put Madi to bed, Bethy and I watched Home Alone 3. And let me tell you, it was FUNNY!! I thought it was hilarious! A good time was had by all!

Sunday 12-23, I went to church with Katie Marie and really enjoyed it! After church I loaded up my truck with presents and luggage and headed off for the Farm. can I just say that I love living so close to the interstate! No more driving 20+ minutes to get out of town. Hallelujah! I made it home just in time for Sunday dinner, which I had neglected to tell Mom I would be home for. Whoops.

Monday 12-24, I spent the entire day in my pjs. It was lovely! I can't remember if I napped or not. I only took two naps all of the week! Shocking!! Discovered the wonder of Bunheads on hulu and spent the afternoon watching that.

Tuesday 12-25, Christmas!!! got up and made myself pretty, took pictures of me in front of the tree while everyone else got ready and waited forever on Grams to come. Finally we gave up and read the Christmas story and prayed. I think I did a pretty good job of spoiling my parents this year!! They seemed to really like all I had gotten them! I love giving gifts! We had a small dinner of steak, ect.. Pretty sure I watched more Bunheads that afternoon/evening. Watched the news as a winter storm was coming and we were worried that my bro and sil wouldn't make it her eon Weds.

Wednesday 12-26, SLEPT IN! Finally!!!!! Woke up to a good amount of snow. Kev and Liz came despite the storm and thankfully got there safely. We were SO EXCITED to see Benjamin!! And Benjamin was excited to see Pa! No, he was excited to see Nana and Cherry as well, but Pa trumps all! Got my first official hug and kiss from B. He did it every night before bed. Also started holding hands with him at the dinner table when we prayed before the meals. Heart almost exploaded from the love.

Thursdays 12-27, Spent the day thinking and praying for my friend Erin's memorial service. So hard to comprehend she is not here with us on earth anymore. Benjamin was a goo distraction from the sadness. Took lots of pictures of him, most of which are of the back of his head, or side of his head. Need faster camera. That night we had our Big Christmas dinner and did presents with the Iowans. Seeing B open presents was priceless.

Friday 12-28, started to miss work!!! We all know how much I love my schedule, so to be off schedule was weird. Started thinking of what I could accomplish at work in the following week. Took more pictures of Benjamin. :) Got to get him up from his nap and he had a bad dream and was holding onto Eeyore crying his eyes out. I got to comfort him and snuggled with him on the couch for almost a half hour! PRICELESS. He is always on the move, so that was really special. Had a pizza dinner courtesy of the Iowans. Stayed up late talking and laughing listening to B recap his day to Eeyore thru the baby monitor.

Saturday 12-29, Spent the morning at the Farm and then Iowans and I left for our separate homes in the afternoon. Came back to a super cold, and super messy townhouse. Spent the afternoon/evening cleaning and putting away presents. Still is not done.

Sunday 12-30, Woke up early with Migraine. Thanks so much neck.

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