Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas with Snugglemuffin! Pt 1

Snugglemuffin made his long awaited trip to In to see his Nana, Pa, and Cherry for Christmas! We were sooooo excited to see him! Here are the three Hendress Men!

 He gave us all hugs and kisses when he arrived. It was sooo precious! I love this pic of my Dad hugging him!!
 After hugs it was down to business. Taking his favorite train, he has loved this thing since he was a little itty bitty, and he excavator, which he can pronounce! to Nana's kitchen to play on the floor. He loves playing on her kitchen floor! I'm guessing partially because she gives him food! But he does it when she doesn't feed him as well.
 Perfect representation. B is opening all of the presents, and Mom is putting together his power tool that he just opened. Notice Eeyore is right by his side.
 He got a tent that you blow up and fill with balls. Think twice before you purchase something like this because 1. it has to get blown up somehow. using a hand sweeper does not work. it will smell like burning. and no this was not my idea. 2. when the receiver of the tent has to drive 5+ hours back home, you have to deflate the tent. this is not easy. trust me on this one. and thirdly, if you are 30 years old and 5'10" do not attempt to crawl into the tent to amuse your nephew. And no, there are no pictures of this.

 The entire time they were there I kept telling my SIL we need to take pictures of us! I haven't had a picture with you since B was born. Did this happen? No. Well there was the failed family pictures on the couch that will never see the light of day. So this picture is to prove that she was indeed there and doesn't she look pretty? i love her bangs!
 Nana read B a special kindle book called STINKY KITTY. About a skunk. Wonderful book. He loved it. It did not help the fact that he kept calling us stinky and called ME stinky until I would take a shower everyday!! I much more prefer my other nickname "Silly Cherry"

He did hold my hand a little bit so that made up for some of the stinky comments.
 Another attempt at a framer. I look weird because I was singing Jingle Bells trying to get him to smile. He is trying to run away from me. ahhh life with a 2 year old!!
 HAHAHAHAH oh our attempts at self portraits are just so stinkin struggling that they are hilarious to me!!!!
 B was a big boy and helped Nana carry in presents. He's carrying a HEAVY tool set in this pic and was huffing and puffing carrying it! we laughed so hard!! and then Kev opened it and we were all shocked he could carry it!! Strong Boy!!
 Nana and Pa got him lots of tools and lots of noisy toys. Auntie was the winner in the not buying annoying toys lottery this year!
 B helped Pa open all of his presents. Such a good helper. Of course he wanted to keep them, the tools that is. but minor detail!
 Opening a present from Auntie. His Second Year book!!
He got a pair of snow boots from Nana and Pa and decided they were for Pa. Sadly Pa's big feet would not fit in them.
And the cutest memory ever. One morning he was playing with the afore mentioned tent. And had Eeyore, his bff, sitting on top of the tent. Well, B loves to make the tent fall sideways and then right it again. Eeyore fell off the top and to the ground when this occured. So B picked him up and cradled him, went over to his rocking chair, and sat in it hugging eeyore and patting his back saying "it's ok... it's're alright it's ok" in a sing song little voice... then he kissed him twice and we heard "lub you" sweetest.thing.ever. He is such a sweet little guy. He is such a precious little joy to us!!

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