Sunday, February 17, 2013

Auntie Cherwy and Snugglemuffin's Weekend

Last weekend I headed to Iowa to babysit this little cutie for part of the weekend! I was SO excited to get to spend time with my buddy! We had a great time, despite me having to change 3 stinky diapers in a 24 hour period. YUCK!
I knew that one day we would get this self portrait thing down! and we did! He has now learned to say CHEESSEEE!! And apparently he has picked up on the fact that we never get a good picture the first time, because i would take a picture and he would say "try again?" hahah

 When I arrived I took a picture of him with my phone to send to his Nana, and I told him we were sending it to Nana. Well he thought that meant she was on the phone so he started talking to her. I had to explain she wasn't and that we were going to Text Nana. So for the rest of the day (and the weekend) he kept going up to my phone and touching it saying "Benmen Text Nana??!" 

Also everytime it went off with a text alert he would perk up like a dog with it's ears up and say "NANA???!!"
 This is my new all time favorite picture of Snugglemuffin!!!! When I got him out of bed Saturday am he was happy as a clam and being SO silly. He wanted his picture taken and kept saying try again, I snapped this of him before i got him changed. We had such a fun time sitting on the floor of his room playing for almost an hour!

I will say that this cute little stinker gave me quite the heart attack the night before. At 11 pm and 3 am he decided were prime times to wake up and have a chat and sing along with Eeyore. Considering that I was afraid I would not hear him and had turned the baby monitor on the highest volume and sat it right beside the bed. I nearly hit the ceiling. Especially at the 3 am, as he started off SINGING at the top of his lungs.  Needless to say, Auntie was tired that next day! (and continues to be tired, as the day after I got back from Iowa I came down with a cold/sinus junk and haven't hardly slept at all in the past week!)
 After we finished playing we came downstairs for Breakfast and then we watched Charlie Brown. I had taken a shower before he got up, and put on makeup at the breakfast table, but hadn't dried my hair yet. So I sat him up with Charlie brown and told him not to touch the laptop or move till i got back. 6 minutes later my hair was dry and he literally had not moved an inch. I don't know why I was so worried, I seriously thought he was going to escape or something in the time that i dried my hair!
 I tried to teach him how to do a thumbs up... He didn't quite get the concept. He kept giving me a index finger up! ha!
 Later that evening Charlie Brown was on tv, so we watched it, and he decided that Auntie Cherwy needed her shoes on.
 I'm not really sure what he was doing here but he kept going to my glass on water, sticking his face close to it and just laughing hysterically! he never touched it, but he just giggled and giggled. Such a silly boy!
 He also decided my feet needed measuring.
 Cutest little brown bear i've ever seen!!
 Me and my boy before I left Sunday morning. I just love him so much!! And he is sooooo much fun to be around! The conversations we had just cracked me up!
 This picture is hilarious. Liz was having troubles getting his tie on for church and he was suffering through it, he was letting out a deep sigh at the moment this picture was taken.
 But seriously How Handsome is my nephew!!! I like to think he gets his looks from his Auntie! :)
I had a really hard time leaving him. My Sil was helping me load my truck in the pouring down rain, and while she was outside I went to pick up B and hug him goodbye. As I did that he said to me, for the second time that morning! "Auntie Cherwy stay here with Benmen. Auntie Stay here!" And then he laid his little head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me, and started patting my arm with his hand, and just laid there. It pretty much broke my heart! He just laid there on my shoulder for several minutes and I started tearing up! I knew I was going to go into the ugly cry if I didn't get out of there SOON! And when I cry it takes forever to stop. So I kissed him and said goodbye, and literally RAN out the door with the rest of my bags, tears in my eyes! I didn't even get to say goodbye to my brother! I said a quick goodbye to my SIL as I passed her outside, which I felt bad about! But I was about to lose it! That precious little boy about did me in!

I did not have a chance to be sad on the way home though, as I was praying for my safety. We had torrential rain and over 40mph winds  for my 5 hour drive home. It was horrible. I was very scared and know definitely that the Lord and his host of Angels kept me safe on that trip, as there were several times i should have been in an accident but wasn't.

So thankful for my safety and for the wonderful weekend with my nephew! Thanks for having me!!

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