Monday, June 3, 2013

Snuggelmuffin comes to Indiana!

 *Please excuse that all of these pictures are grossly out of order. Blogger hates me today*

Over Memorial Day weekend Snugglemuffin, and his parents, came for a quick trip to Indiana! I had so much fun with him! He is such a funny little guy! And way smarter than he should be! His newest phrase is "how 'bout "insert what he wants"" It is most cute when he gives you a hug and kiss and then says "How bout, how bout a smooch?" I will happily smooch him anyday!

Friday afternoon we played with the bubble wand and bubble gun that I had bought him. Sadly the gun broke as I was showing him how to use it so the poor guy didn't even get to use his toy properly. #auntiefail
 Thankfully he didn't seem to notice and we had plenty of fun with his big bubble wand! And Nana did not kill us for using bubbles inside!
 We spent all of Friday waiting for Grandpa to get done driving the big tractor and come home to play with Benmon (as he calls himself) This boy LOVES his Grandpa! I think the feeling is pretty mutual.
 My table buddy moved to sit by Grandpa. I tried not to cry. Pictures like this make it worth it!
 Whatcha doin Grandpa?
 He loves LOVES to open presents! He does not so much love when it's just clothing. ha. He helped his mommy open her birthday presents and he is very neat about his opening. Each piece of wrapping paper he tears off must immediately be thrown in the trash before ripping another piece. I see a future of very long Christmas' ahead of our family.
 Saturday after mowing with Grandpa for a few hours he had to come inside for lunch and decided that Nana's cow needed a drink. Of Milk.
 I thought that was pretty hilarious.  I wasn't there for lunch so i'm curious if the cow also needed some hamburger.
 Auntie had to go bye bye to go to her friends wedding, that she never made it to because google maps took her to the middle of nowhere and she was lost in the country for 45 mins and nearly ran out of gas.
 Isn't he just so handsome? I can't believe how big he has gotten!
Right before I left, like seconds before I got in my truck I realized I had no pictures of my SIL so we snapped a quick selfie as I was literally standing in the door. Once i got home i realized this is the only selfie we have had since B was born 2 1/2 years ago!!!
 The night they arrived it was almost 11 pm but B was wide awake waiting to see Grandpa and Nana. Grandpa was asleep, so B said "I better not talk to him since he's sleeping" good plan little one. Good plan.
 Nana got B more wired than he was and got all of his toys out and added batteries to everything. I told her that when I am married with kids she is not allowed to step into my house with anything electronic for a child. Nana has the knack for getting toys with the most annoying sounds ever!
 Friday, sitting waiting on Breakfast while watching the squirrels out the windows.
 Waiting for cherrio's is hard work apparently.
 Walking with Nana over to see Great Grandma!
The Poop Chair.

My Grams is battling ovarian cancer again and it has been extremely hard on her. She has had to go next door to my aunt and uncle's house to stay after chemo, because she is too weak to walk or do anything. We went into her bedroom there and she was in bed, and i sat down on this chair. and immediately thought i was stuck! Most uncomfortable chair ever!! I finally pried myself out of it and stood up exclaiming how horrible it was and Grams instructed me to lift the blankets and cushion off of it, and voila. It's a Poop Chair. She was quick to inform me that she has not used it for it's said purpose, but apparently it's an antique poop chair. it was uncomfortable that's all I'll say!

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