Friday, June 21, 2013

We *heart* Chili's!

 Today Emboz and I met up for another edition of Ladies who Lunch! We met at Chili's to partake in their new flatbreads! I had the margharita and It was soooo good! They were huge too! I wasn't expecting it to be quite that large! So yummy!

Madi was being quite the cheeseburger today! She ran right up to me in the booth and just hugged me! It was so precious! Melt my heart!
 She is such a goober!
 Please note that I am wearing a Pink tank under my white shirt, it actually looks really cute, but in these pics looks alittle bit like my underthings are showing. I promise you that was not the case!
 Madi got a little bored by the end and decided she would rather sit on the floor. So sit on the floor in her booster seat she did!
 She made a little mess as well. Gotta love toddlers!
Me and Emboz before we left! We are so festive! I had on super cute sandals that matched my pink tank but my feet are cut off in this pic so you can't see them. Just know they were so cute that Bethy complimented me on them! 

We had a great time at Chili's! We had the best server i think I might have ever had at a resturarant! I told her when I sat down I was super thirsty (I hadn't had breakfast or anything to drink before i got there) and she was a ROCKSTAR at refilling my drinks! I never ever had to ask for a refill! That is my biggest pet peeve eating out, but she was great! I would drink a 1/3 of my drink and there she would be with another coke! She was going to get a big tip and a thank you note on the receipt but..... we got the meals for free!!

I had noticed about 45 mins after we got there that we still didn't have our food, and that's very odd for our Chili's they are usually super fast. (I've eaten there before on a 30 mins lunch break, that's how fast they are!) I mentioned to Emboz how odd it was and she agreed. Alittle while after that our food came and we thought nothing else of it.

When it was time to get out doggy bags, the lovely waitress came back and said that since we had such a long wait that they had taken care of the entire bill and we didn't owe a thing!!!!!!!! That was AMAZING!!! There were 5 of us, so that wasn't a little thing! And we hadn't complained or even mentioned to her the wait, so they fact that they did that on their own shows the extent of their great customer service!

Thank you SO MUCH Chili's of Lafayette!!! You know we'll be back!!!!!!!

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