Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and Snugglemuffin come to Indiana!

 Sunday morning I was finally done with work and able to head home to the farm! I packed up my stuff and allll of my presents into bags and suitcases and headed out!
 I was super excited and dressed up nicely, because I was going to get to see my Snugglemuffin when I arrived at the Farm!
 All loaded up in the truck and off I went! I had a nice drive home, luckily traffic wasn't too bad, and I sailed on!
 After I got to the Farm Snugglemuffin got back from church with Nana and Grandpa. He was SO Handsome in his little suit! We attempted to get a picture in front of the tree but he was pretty excited.
 He quit moving but forgot to smile. Oh well, he is still the most handsome three year old I have ever seen!
 He loves helping and setting the table for dinner. I had to giggle when I looked at this picture, he reminds me so much of the Ushers at PCC, they always had to wear red ties.
 Me and my SIL! She looked quite lovely that morning as well!!
 Snugglemuffin had to play with his semi while we waited for lunch. I forgot to get a lunch pic. Whoops!
 He brought home his Charlie Brown Christmas book that I gave him when he was little bitty. It's falling apart and well loved, but it still works!
 Finally it was time for presents! Ever the helper, Snugglemuffin helped all of us open our presents. He wanted to keep some of them but minor detail!
 Of course he had to help Grandpa, those were the gifts he most wanted to keep :)
 Snugglemuffin is such a good helper! He is a very tidy boy as well. I think he takes after his Nana! He is very neat with his wrapping paper, and would put it in this little box and then dump the box into the trashcan.
 I painted this canvas for my big bro. I was inordinately proud of myself, considering I'd never painted a canvas before and I struggle being crafty. Props to Nicki for helping me with the Purdue P!
 SIL was excited to get some of her favorite Target Sandals!
 Helping Nana open her tools.
 Grams and I struggled with our self portraits this year, having a horsie and a baby eeyore added some extra struggle to our normal one!
 Smooches from Great Grandma. I was so happy to capture this picture. My Grams is battling cancer, I know he is going to treasure this picture when he gets older.
 Nan and Grandpa got him a BIIIIIGGG Excavator!! He just about died from happiness. Best part of the night!!
 Before he left the next day we made sure to make time to watch some Charlie Brown on Auntie's Computer. I looked next to me and he was posed like this with his hands behind his neck. Cracked me up!
 Love this. Grandpa and Benmin have such a good time together!
Sitting with his Eeyore's ready to go back home. I think he was sad, just like his Auntie.

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