Sunday, December 8, 2013


 So I realized I should do my Thanksgiving post before it became Christmas.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with my entire family at my parents farm. This little boy showed up, and wait.. WHEN DID HE BECOME A LITTLE BOY???!! Look how long he is! I mean, I know we're tall people, but good grief! (Sidenote: He thinks it's hilarious that I say Good Grief and tries to copy me. However he corrects me that it's GrieP not GrieF. We go back and forth on this, it's a treat to watch/hear let me tell you. After 3 days.. he was still convinced it was Good GrieP) We celebrated his 3'rd birthday while he was in Indiana and I can't believe it's been 3 years.
 I love my table buddy!! The most precious moment happened on Friday. Snugglemuffin prayed for lunch for the two of us, and then for the first time he prayed for our family dinner that evening. I nearly went into the ugly cry. I love seeing him grow up and change and develop, but the most important thing about him is his heart. I pray non stop for the day that I will get the skype call and his excited little face will tell me that he asked Jesus into his heart. Hearing his little voice talk to God and thank him for dinner encourages me so much that that day is coming.
 I may not rank up as high as Grandpa in his eyes, but I do happen to have a computer with Charlie Brown on it. We spent some time cuddling up, with Eeyore of course! Watching Charlie Brown.
 The funniest moment happened right before this picture was taken. As I mentioned, we celebrated his 3'rd birthday while he was here. Nana was letting him open his present with Bob the Builder wrapping paper. Nana was asking B about all the characters on the paper. After identifying 2 characters, she asked about the dog and apparently that was just too much because Snugglemuffin ever so politely said to her "We should stop talking now." We both nearly died laughing! Everyone else couldn't hear what he said so they thought we were nuts! This kid cracks me up!
 Finally Nana stopped talking and he got to open his present, then of course it wouldn't come out of the box. Oh the struggle.
 It came out of the box and he fell down. I seriously need a camera with a faster shutter!!
 My SIL and I accidentally matched. I don't know if you can tell but I have a flower in my hair as well!
 I just like the wreath in the background of this picture!
 A boy and his Mommy!
 Snuggling watching Charlie Brown
 Organizing his truck parts. A little OCD perhaps??
 Sleepy boy, though he would never admit it.
 That face!!! Concentration at it's finest!
 My Dad wrote this note to my Mom and left it on the fridge. So cute.
 I stayed at my Grandma's house to take care of her, and was a little too excited about using this lamp as my night light! Everytime I stayed over night at my Grandparents as a little girl I would sleep in the living room and use this lamp as my night light. So of course I jumped at the chance to use it one last time!
 Friday morning we woke up and I looked outside Grandma's window to see the boys. Ahh home!
 #lotsofhairproblems when a sample only lasts you for one washing.
 Nana, Snugglemuffin and his Mommy stopped by on their way back from Black Friday shopping.
 Snapped this as I was outside. I love where I grew up!
 Had to go in the barn and check out the tractors and talk to Grandpa and his Daddy.
 Lusting over Grandpa's Tractors. When they first arrived at the house, the first thing B did when he walked in was go to one of Grandpa's cabinets of tractors. I stood back and watched him as he took it all in and went "Hmm... " moves head to look at another shelf "Hmmmm" and repeat X3. It was hilarious! He was definitely picking out which he wanted to play with!
 This is where my Dad was being strong not crying after a small part on his piece broke off. Bless his heart.
 Watching Charlie Brown X2. He kept randomly laughing, at parts that weren't funny. ha! So I tried taking a picture of him without him realizing it, and snapped this on him giggling at me. I love that little boy!
This just makes me laugh. My cow Precious is a dwarf cow, what she lacks in height she makes up for in girth. She's standing next to Little Bull (cue the irony on his name) and if she wasn't so wide, she is short enough to fit underneath him! Bless her heart.

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