Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Auntie & Snugglemuffin's Day of Fun!

Subtitle- "That happened 2 months ago"

Snugglemuffin Came to Indiana (back in Sept.. whoops) and I was lucky enough to have an entire afternoon to spend with him! It was WONDERFUL!! we started off with lunch at Auntie's new house, along with a tour, and lots of playing in Auntie's toy box.  He enjoyed my cooking and was very happy that I (unknowingly) made his favorites! Hamburgers, Baked Mac and Cheese, and Chips of course :)

 B is a BIG HELPER so after lunch I put him to work helping me wash my dishes.
 He needed a little stool to be the proper height, but it won't be long until he will be tall enough to stand there on his own! He is growing like a weed. A very TALL weed.

 After lunch and cleaning up, we played some more, and chatted with Nana who had stopped by.
 Then we headed out to his big surprise. Snugglmuffin loves, loves, LOVES trains. (He is still in awe that Auntie has train tracks behind her house) so we took him to a little train museum in a nearby town. They are putting together a big train track and decorating it, as you can see above. It's not finished but all the trains worked so we got to watch 3, i think, different trains and it was really cool!
 He was in awe. Until another guy that worked there came into the room and kept getting up in B's face to ask him questions. Then he was over it. So was Auntie. so we made our way to their second building that housed what was SUPPOSED to be a super cool ride and their train museum stuff.
 And then we found out that this was the "ride" The look on his poor little face says it all. bwhaahahah 
 We looked at some more trains and were followed everywhere by an overzealous employee who kept trying to sell us things, over and over. no sir, we do NOT want an annual pass. no sir we do not want a COMMEMORATIVE BRICK.
 And then we come to this. This was his favorite part of the museum building. I am not even kidding. It's a picture of a shark painted onto the snow plow of a train. Snugglemuffin was fascinated by it and kept asking me WHY they would paint that on there, and why a shark? I had no answers but i did my best to come up with some :)
 We came back to the area with the shark snow plow picture no less than 4 times. He.

I thought it was pretty hilarious.
 I would just like to say that I went ALMOST 4 years without buying my nephew a loud toy that makes obnoxious noise. (The same cannot be said for Nana and Grandpa) HOWEVER, the streak ended at the train place when I saw that they had wooden train whistles! I mean, how could I pass that up? So i bought it for him, and because my Mother raised no fools, I gave it to him once the car ride was over and we were in my driveway. #smartauntie  Bless his heart, he did not quite get the concept of blowing air into the whistle, so he would put it up to his mouth, and then make one of his shrieking noises. #thestruggleisreal
 And just in case you thought my SIL was invisible, here she is!! we forgot to get a picture until the very last moment, but we got one!

And for my very favorite pictures from the day. This just melts my heart. B is going to be a Big Brother and he was getting some practice in with a baby doll he found in my toy box. All on his own, he found her, and took care of her for the rest of the afternoon. He would wrap her in a blanket and sat her on the couch to "sleep". It was so precious seeing him go over to check on her, and then pick her up and rock her so gently! He is all boy, that is for sure, but he has such a tender, loving little heart! I love my Snugglemuffin!!!!

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