Thursday, February 12, 2015

The last Dinner for Three

 #tbt to when Audra and I had our last Dinner for Three! She is due with Baby B THIS WEEKEND PEOPLE!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So we made sure that we planned on last dinner with just the three of us before we added a new edition to our dinner date nights!

 Cubbie does such a good job of posing for the camera! the impressive thing is that my camera was on my bookshelf with the self timer, and Audra put a treat right by the camera and voila!! He is trained I tell ya!
 Will we be as excellent at self portraits when there is a little wee one involved? Time will tell! We are on the glasses and slipped squad that evening, got to be comfy!
 Cubbie was too busy eating his camera treat to be bothered to pose with Mom and his new little sibling. 
I got in LOTS of good Cub Cubs snuggles that evening! He likes to use my legs are a pillow/head rest. Poor thing wanted my couch to be wider, he kept wanting to stretch and there was no more couch left. Bless his heart. Love my little curly haired twin!

Can't wait for our next Dinner for FOUR!!!!!!!!! EEEEEKSSS!!

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