Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jboz's Baby Shower

Five years ago this October I spent the evening in the maternity ward of St E. watching Greys Anatomy with Jboz as we waited for Emboz to push out Madi so we could meet her and go to bed! #workinggirls Ever since that night Jboz and her family have become some of my favorite people on earth! Someone asked me at her Baby Shower if I was related to her, I said, Well, basically. ha! 

They couldn't get rid of me if they tried :) Happy to do life with these peeps!

Now it is Jboz's turn to have a baby and we are anxiously awaiting another fun night at St. E. 
We're coming for your Sharon!!
(hopefully the nurses have not posted our pictures in a do not let inside memo!)
So a few weekends ago we all gathered at Emboz's home to have a baby shower for Jboz and her sweet little baby boy! I was pretty excited to see Bunny (above) we are grocery shopping partners.   Basically we terrorize our town whenever we are together. :)

 Can you see a third person in this pic? 
 I was struggling here,  but Jboz looks adorable and barely preggo! I think the baby is stretched out vertically since she is tall like I am.
 Can you spot the bump?
 I had a fun time hanging out with Bethy, Emboz's teen daughter. Still can't believe she is a teen. She is so funny! That hasn't changed through the years, although if possible, I think she has gotten even funnier! When we grabbed her for this pic Jboz said, oh good! We haven't had a picture of the three of us since the last time we took one and you hit Bethy in the head right before the picture was taken! Yes, yes, that would have been her little sisters 3'rd birthday, and technically I hit her with a Minnie Mouse doll. I was unaware that her bow was light up, and therefore made of HARD plastic. She survived so it's all good.
 It was an Open house shower, which was one of the best inventions ever! So I had Jboz open her presents from me before I had to leave to go home to work on my lawn. #adultproblems
I can't wait to see her little boy in this outfit! Jboz grew up on a farm, her dad still farms, so little Roman is going to be a farmer boy whether he wants to or not! 

A little more than one month to go before a new member joins our crazy clan!!

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