Sunday, May 10, 2015

Meeting Alexander Paul/Easter 2015

 Well it's Mother's Day today so what better day to blog about my trip to meet my newest nephew and celebrate Easter! Brace yourself for a LOT of pictures. And these are just the ones from my camera. I have phone and tablet pics as well!

It was a LONG drive, and I get giddy when I start seeing roads named after John Deere. JD country means we are close to my brother's!
 Speaking of JD and my big bro, here I am going over the bridge with the building where he used to work right next to it!  And by right next to it i mean RIGHT next to it. If memory serves me correctly I got a tour of this building many moons ago.
 No trip to Iowa is complete without a stop at the Happiest Place on earth. Whitey's Ice cream. I am thankful that my Dad shares my love of Whitey's and Ice Cream, otherwise I have a feeling he would not let me stop for it! We were rather excited to be here!
 I always get their Cherry smoothie, and it is SO SO SOOO GOOD!!
 Finally the moment I had waited for! I got to meet my newest little nephew, Alexander Paul! aka. my little lovemuffin. Isn't he just precious? He had just fallen asleep when we arrived, but I got to hold him and he slept in my arms for almost 4 hours!
 I mean stop. The cuteness.
 He was smiling in his sleep, but i didn't catch a full smile! So precious though!
 We hung out in the recliner for hours, rocking and sleeping (for him) and taking pics and oohing and ahhing over his cuteness (me).
 I very quickly learned that lovemuffin makes a LOT of noise while he sleeps. He also kind of flails around, stretches his legs, basically everything but staying still.. And yet he is dead asleep while he does it! Did I mention his grunting? This child is the gruntiest little thing I have ever met!
 His cheeks. I die. I was hoping he'd have smoochable cheeks like his big brother and he did not disappoint!
 These pics are SO much like the pics of snugglemuffin the first time i met him and held him while he slept for hours. I need to do a side by side of them!
 When the baby is this cute you just take picture after picture.
 I couldn't help myself.
 Snuggle Buddies
 I took this for my chiropractor, #futurepatient

 Eventually lovemuffin got to meet his Grandpa!
 He was awake for about 2 minutes and then conked out again. Apparently we are really exciting people to him :)
 Nana got to hold her boy, and her sweetie got to chat with his little brother. #bffs
 This kid. I have a love/hate with this picture. On one hand I love it because it's so stinkin cute, and his little fake smile. On the other hand I hate it because he looks SO GROWN UP! Everytime i see it i think he should have the keys in his hand and be telling us he's going to pick up his friends and he'll be home before curfew.
 Seriously, bffs. He loves his little brother!
 The next day was me attempting to get pics of my big boy, while he was having a case of the sillies. I love his giggles.
 big and little.
 It literally took about 28 pictures to get one good of us. Might have had something to do with the fact that he kept hiding his face in my hair.
 Hooray!!! Auntie is here!
 Lovemuffin's big brother had to go take a bath so I was on Auntie duty. when he realized Mommy was not in the room anymore he wasn't super thrilled about it.
 So of course it was time to do the Squat/Rock/Bounce.... that was helping but it needed something more so I started singing to him a little ditty called "Go to Sleep Alexander" sung to the tune of Brahms Lullaby. #musicteacher He seemed to enjoy that and quit fussing. BUT if heaven forbid I would quit singing, he would start fussing again. I finally had to start humming it because my voice was getting tired! It did the trick though..
 And he was out cold for another 3.5 hours. #auntieskillz
 So what's a girl to do? Take more pics of her adorable sleeping baby nephew. Next time I see him he'll be much bigger, so I wanted to soak in and take as many pics to remember him this little!
 That chin. That belly. That shirt!

 It's just too much cuteness!!
 The next day was Sunday, Easter Sunday! And of course we were at church. I was SO excited to see my friend Chantelle! She is a dear friend to our family, and really is more like family than a friend. She is just precious to us. Definitely was the highlight of my Easter Sunday getting to see and talk to her in person!
 After lunch we attempted some pics. This was with my old camera and I was having massive issues with blurry pics or my oldest nephew moving in the 9 minutes that it takes for the flash to go off. I was thankful to get this cute one of him giving me kisses. I hope he always wants to give hugs and kisses!
 And me with my littlest nephew, Can't wait for him to give me hugs and kisses. I remember the first time B hugged me goodnight. I darn near ugly cried.
Can we just talk about how ADORABLE he was in his little shirt, vest and BOW TIE??!! I about couldn't take it! Such a handsome little guy!

So thankful for both of my nephews, Praying that God does great things in their lives!

Sidenote: Yes, my Bro and SIL were there, but I didn't any really good pics of them, so just picture them looking really fancy in Easter clothes :)

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