Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Drab to Fab Makeover-New Chair

In the past 6 months or so, I have been slowly working on re doing my living room. It started with getting rid of my huge entertainment center, and painting my new free at the curb, sofa table. (If I was a good blogger I'd link to that post but I'm not, so you can just search!) The next step was getting rid of my love seat and replacing it with a comfy chair to sit and read in.

Around Labor Day weekend I saw this chair posted on craigslist, FOR FREE!!!!! Free is basically my favorite word, next to chocolate, and pizza. So I jumped on it! Even though the chair had broken leather in places I could see it's potential!

So I went and met a lady and picked up this chair on the way home to my parents for the weekend. My mom LOVES it when I bring home surprise furniture. (Note the Sarcasm)

While I was home, my Mom told me she had some fabric for recovering furniture she was going to get rid of. She showed it to me and I thought it was perfectly neutral! nothing like getting everything for free!!!
Now here is where I have to give HUGE PROPS to my Momma. I left it at her house and shortly after Thanksgiving she decided to dive in and do it for me! Neither of us had any idea how to do it, but she just started working on it. She worked REALLY hard and told me multiple times how much I owed her :) It was worth it!!!

Annnnnnnnd the after!!!!!!!
You'll notice, this is not my living room. ha. After the chair was finished I decided since my living room was full with my tree, and my office chair kept losing a bolt that I would replace my office chair in the Piano studio with this fabulously comfy chair.
Let me tell you that was a BRILLIANT decision!! This chair is SO much more comfortable than my office chair, and for days when I am sitting 4-5 hours (almost straight) it is really wonderful for my old lady back and hips.
And did I mention how comfy it is? Sooo Comfy! And really perfect for the Winter when I just want to curl up anyway. I tease my students that I might fall asleep while I'm teaching, since the chair is so comfy and I have a pillow and a blanket on the back. I think about half of them secretly hope this will happen.
The only downside, if there is one, is that this chair is lower than my office chair. Meaning sometimes I have to work to see a finger to see if it is pressing the correct note. For times like those i just scootch forward on the edge of the chair.
And this might be my favorite part of the whole set up. During the first lesson I taught in this chair my student suggested that I get a small footstool for myself. I just so happened to have one, and let me tell you, that was the best idea she has ever had! A Comfy chair, a footstool, I am golden now for teaching!

My living room still needs a new chair. Don't tell my Mom but I have my eye on one at the reStore, that needs recovered 0=-)

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