Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015 Recap Part 1

In an effort to blog about Christmas before February, today I'm recapping Part 1 of my Christmas celebrations!

This year was a nice slow, relaxed Christmas day and I really enjoyed it! We decided we didn't have to get ready and start doing gifts at a certain time, so we slept in a little, and just moseyed around getting ready. I think we started reading Luke 2 very close to Noon, and we didn't finish with presents until around 3:30 ish. (We also stopped for Christmas Dinner Break)
Of course every year I have to do my annual photoshoot in front of the Christmas tree. I was STRUGGLING with the self timer this year, and it just made me miss my Grams. She was always the one who was willing enough to be my photographer and would put up with my craziness of pictures.  It made me a little sad as I was struggling remembering she would normally be here, but can you imagine what Christmas is like in Heaven????!!!
So I turned on my selfie screen and just snapped away in hopes of getting some good shots.
I was finally somewhat successful and then my Mom saw me and took pity upon me and stepped in to take a few shots of me under the tree.
Yes, that is wood. My Parents have two wood burning stoves. And with my faux fur vest and the fact it was abnormally warm in the midwest at Christmas, I. was.sweating.

With pictures out of the way I settled into my spot and waited....

And waited.. and waited some more. Dad took the leisurely morning literally and was out working on his truck. Finally Mom was able to pull him away.
He wasn't feeling so great so I offered to read Luke 2 to him. The Bible was pretty much snatched out of my hands.  It's kind of a family joke to see how long he will read. Except he's on to us, and now keeps quitting the story early! I had to beg him to read about Simeon meeting baby Jesus as I had just read a blog about that on http://bekahsbits.blogspot.com/
Now onto presents!!! I had purchsed a really special gift for my Dad, one I knew he wanted, as when I was home for Thanksgiving and had already ordered the gift online, he was telling my Mom it was on sale at Walmart for Black Friday.  Thankfully Mom knew and discouraged him from it!
He wasn't sure what it was!! I about fell over then! Come on!!! I got him a Roku, which after he figured out what it was he was happy. I set it up for him and we all enjoyed watching stuff on it! I made my entire family watch Fixer Upper with me on Netflix. #ShiplapEverything

Action Shots!
Look at the speed!
The cutest thing I bought was this ADORABLE Glass Fire Hydrant with flaming hot sauce inside of it. From Firehouse Subs. Dad is the only person in our family that loves hot sauce and he used to be a volunteer fire fighter!
He had to immediately open and test it out :)

My Mom was there as well, but apparently the only pictures I got of her were with the shirt in front of her face! Whoops! All in all it was a nice low key Christmas spent with the two most important people in my life! I am thankful to have such wonderful parents and thankful for our close relationship!

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