Monday, September 12, 2016

That which I forgot to Blog About

Soooooo I realized with everything going on, there were several events/things that I meant to blog about but never got around to! So this will be a hodgepodge of stuff!

One of the items on my Summer To Do list was to have Lunch at McCords with Emboz and crew. I had never been there before and was so excited to try it out! Never mind that I picked the absolute worst time to go, the street in front of McCords was going thru massive renovation, we literally had to walk across a man made MOAT to get into the place. Do I know how to pick places or what??!! Despite all that we still had a great time! Madi very much enjoyed wearing my massive sunglasses on her tiny head.

She wasn't too enthused on having her picture taken. Bunny Ears and Peace Signs were quite popular that day!
The two of us on the other side of the table were ready for our pictures! Of course we had to struggle to get Madi's peace signs out of the frame, hence why I'm looking off to the side.
See what I'm talking about?

Tried to take a selfie with Madi. It didn't work. HA!!

My Mom and I had a girls day, and went to a Rummage sale and then I treated her to lunch! We made out like bandits at the sale! Well worth getting up early on a Friday! And it was fun to spend time with my Momma! We snapped this pic and I noticed she was smiling, I was shocked, since she goes for a demure mouth closed smirk in her pics, I said MOM!! You're smiling!! It looks so cute!! Her Response " It's a new thing I'm trying". I died. She is so funny.

I added pics to this blog about a week before I got around to writing it. I have no clue why I added this pic, but apparently I wanted to share it with you all? All I know is that I'm in my teaching chair.

I've been searching for some lamps, one for my kitchen table, and one for my dresser in my bedroom. I was beyond excited to find these for half off at Dollar General a few weeks ago! I wasn't crazy in love with the orange lampshades, but they were also half off :) Haven't decided if I am going to paint them or not!

I wasn't feeling great one day and had a sore throat, I thought some ice cream would feel great on it so I ran out to DQ for a treat. The line was randomly crazy long so I had to wait in the drive thru and saw this adorable doggy in it's van. I was cracking up at how happy the dog was! He was just grinning away sitting in that window! His owners were on the patio and realized he was sitting there and went to put him fully in the van and the poor dog got stuck in the window, with his 7 yr old owner. It was quite the show. The dog never quit grinning the entire time! hahahah When I got around to the other side of DQ he was on the dashboard looking out the window, still grinning like a fool. #LivinTheDream

I was sitting at my kitchen table working on some things while I waited for a student one day, and I thought the view was just so pretty. Sunny and bright, and a clean living room.
Expect lots more pictures of me wearing my DG jeggings. They are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned. And I'm pretty sure I'm buying at least 2 more pairs of them.
I drink a ton of water every day, with teaching my mouth gets dry. I go in spurts of drinking pop, and then not drinking it for awhile. Usually when there aren't any great sales on the pop I like :)  One Friday night I happened to have a new 2 liter of Coke and let me tell you that Ice Cold Coca Cola was the tastiest thing EVER!

And yes, I just blogged about comfortable pants and a glass of pop being delightful. I lead an exciting life folks. #KeepinItReal

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Laura Darling said...

Haha your mom sounds so funny! I just discovered that there is a Dollar General right by my house...I've never been but those lamps look like a great deal so I'll have to check it out!