Thursday, July 6, 2017


Whoo Hooo!! We are Half Way Through 2017! And even thought some posts (cough, like this one) have been a few days late, I have successfully kept with my weekly wrap ups! I'm so proud of myself! I don't really make new years resolutions but I knew this year I wanted to blog more, mainly so I could look back on my life and happenings. And I'm so glad I have been able to do that!

So without further ado, here's last week!

 Monday was freakishly cool for June. We're talking a high of 70 and lows in the 40's. #Brrrrrrr I wore a new outfit I had just scored from Salvation army. Jeans and a 3/4 length shirt. I thought I wouldn't be wearing that until fall!!

 I also had white nails. I bought a white nail polish to do red, white and blue for the 4'th and then wondered what it would look like to do white the week before. And I liked it!
 Wednesday morning I had some free time and decided to run errands and grocery shop before teaching. I lost my Misfit activity tracker and nearly cried. Thankfully they are (finally) sending me a replacement one. One of my stops was Aldi. And once I got home and unpacked I had a hysterical ( to me at least) text conversation with Audra, whom despite being 7.5 hours away had just went to Aldi in her town, and bought the same items as me. We both had a hankering for homemade cherry cheesecake and pizza apparently! When she said she had bought a pizza and was making it for dinner that night, I had to grab the one I had just put in my freezer and send her this picture as a response. I was DYING. Great Minds Think Alike!
 Of my errands was to the Library to pick up some books on hold.I have been a reading FOOL lately trying to get as many hours in for the summer reading program as I can. It was finally my turn to read Becky Wade's newest book and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!! I might die before the next book in the series comes out. I think that one I will have to purchase instead of waiting for my turn at the library! #Torture

 She had tons of hysterical parts in the book that made me literally laugh out loud. Like the above "Professional Researcher". Love.IT!! #ProfessionalResearchersUnite !!

 And this quote about Grandma excusing herself to the restroom when the Holy Spirit handed out the fruit called joy. I about fell off my couch. My Dad has this famous saying "Brains and Trains" When God was handing out Brains, she thought he said Trains, and said No, thanks, I don't want any! If you've ever spent time with my Dad you have heard this quote!
 While I read I had a break to taste my cherry cheesecake. It was yummy!!
 OK, I can't leave out this quote either. I might have to start using it " Looking Approximately as amused as man might look while being briefed on a terrorist threat". Becky Wade.. You are my Spirit Animal.
 The only pictures I have thursday are of my flowers. Which, spoiler alert, are still there! The wild life hasn't eaten them yet!! Although  will say, the ones in the flower box had two blooms and when i went outside today they were gone and TEETH marks were left on the flowers. ARGH.
 Perhaps these are too tall for the nasty critters?

 Dressed in a red white and blue!
 Thursday evening I went to Ollies. OH how I love walking around that store!I had no idea they had candles and wax melts! I got these two and they smell so good!! The one on the left is definitely more strong and longer lasting.
 Friday morning I would typically be sleeping in. (Hurray for Fridays off in the Summer!) but this particular day I had a massage, since my normal Weds time was taken. So i got up early, chugged some coffee, and put on a festive outfit since I had lunch plans!
 AREN'T MY SUNGLASSES AWESOME??!! You know they are!!
 After my amazing massage I woke myself up and went to meet Emboz and Madi at Spagheddi's. I had only been there once before years ago, but with my free time I figured we should taken advantage and eat somewhere on the opposite end of town that I never get around to. And I was glad we did! I don't know what I had but it was some sort of large tube pasta stuffed with chicken and allllllll the white cheese.  It was glorious. And I could go for a plate of it right this second. Madi was feeling a little on the tired side.

 Her little toothless grin kills me. How did she get so big?! I swear it was just yesterday she was sitting in a baby carrier beside us.
 So we took a cute picture inside, and then I showed Emboz my awesome Sunglasses ( to which she groaned) and said we have to take a picture outside so we can get these in our pics!
 So we all got sunglasses, Madi hopped up on the bench behind us so she could be in the pic, and I just snapped a ton of pics because none of us could see the screen. I got home and looked at this and about died laughing. Madi, with the eyes, drinking, so funny!! #ThatKid
Despite the sunniness then, by the time I ran the rest of my errands and was making my way home it looked like this. And then it stormed and rained most of the afternoon and I spent it on my couch relaxing and it was fabulous!!

The rest of the weekend was not so fabulous with the excessive fireworks until 2 am from the neighbors who were SHOOTING THEM OFF INTO MY BACKYARD. But I will stop myself...

That was 26/52!!

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