Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ladies who Lunch-Madi and Snugglemuffin's First Date!!

Today was Madi and Snugglemuffin's long awaited first date at Arni's! This picture pretty much sums up how it went. Madi was thrilled to pieces to see her man. Snugglemuffin, not so much. We walked in and she was of course all smiley and was meeting him and grabbed at him, I think to hug him. Totally freaked Snugglemuffin out!! He started SOBBING and burying his head on Mommy. It was almost heartbreaking if it hadn't been so funny. I just hate my baby crying :( it breaks my heart to see him sad!! Poor Madi just looked at him like What's wrong? What just happened here??!!! Needless to say we didn't let them sit by eachother!!!!
I made sure to give my Madadoodle some love and snuggles. And I didn't cry :)
Me and Emboz! I think this is one of our cutest pictures together! She is a master at the self portrait and fitting my big ol head into the frame!! On a side note, my outfit is one of my steals from Sears massive clearance they are having! I paid 9 dollars for both items!!!
I just had to post this adorable picture of my snugglemuffin. He got happy after he had eaten and was bestowing some cuteness on his Auntie. I just love him so much!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your hair and your nephew is just too cute!