Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016 Recap!

For once I actually have something interesting to blog about! As we all know last weekend was Easter, and this year I decided to switch it up and host my first holiday dinner at my house!

Our Church had several services, one being a SATURDAY afternoon service. I was all about that! Mornings with my chronic illness body are really not great for me. So an afternoon service was an answer to prayer! I'm still praying when we move into our new church building that they add a Saturday evening service. But I digress. I invited my parents to come to church with me and then back to my home for dinner as well as some other guests! I think this was the first holiday dinner we've had with friends, and I don't know why we waited so long to include other people!!
I had such a fun time decorating the table and getting stuff to look pretty. I legit had a list for the week of what I needed to do on each day.

And I might have taken a few too many pictures of my table set up, but I was excited :)

I need a slightly bigger kitchen though. It was a little hard to get around when everyone was sitting down. But it worked!
I went a little crazy and made cute little place cards for every piece of food, my salad bar, people's place settings at the table........ If it didn't move I basically put a placecard in front of it!!! Above is my punch set up, before I actually made the punch. :)
This was perfect for the Build your Own Salad, Salad bar!

And I bought myself Tulips at Aldi's while I was grocery shopping because I LOOOOVVEEEE Tulips!!

Better shot of the salad bar, pre food.

Our Main course was Mix and Match Mama's Chicken Mushroom Ranch over mashed potatoes. I learned my lesson to not toss in as much salt as i felt like because (to me) the mashed potatoes were crazy salty and blech!

Living Room Verse was also appropriate for the holiday!

OK so the funniest and coolest thing was that one of my friends that came brought me a gift! Actually they both did! I got beautiful Roses from Cathy and Sarah brought me this gift bag. I didn't want to be rude and open it up right away so I sat it aside until she told me I really needed to open it right then. So I did..and then I screamed in glee!
She brought me an ENTIRE GIFTBAG of HOTBOX RANCH!!! Now if you don't know me well, I love Ranch, When I went to college in FL, they had the BEST homemade ranch sauce I have ever tasted! I have not had ranch sauce as good as PCC's ranch since I left years ago. Until that is,I met Hotbox through a student that worked there and discovered that their ranch sauce is sooooo close to PCC's recipe! I love it! My student gave me a jar of it for Christmas and it was the best thing ever. I had told this story to Sarah and not only did she remember it, but brought me a whole gift bag of ranch! I mean, my life was made right then and there!
Cathy in the orange, and Sarah in the Black. I was so happy to have these ladies (and Sarah's bf) join us! We had SUCH a good time! I was nervous that it would be quiet, since I was the only person that knew everyone, but the conversation flowed and we laughed and laughed!
Me and my Sweet Momma. I thinks she was happy to not have to cook anything on a Holiday for once :) And I don't know why I'm hunching down in this pic, I look a few inches shorter than i actually am!
The evening ended with me sitting on my couch for two hours trying to get my new phone activated. It took forever and a day, but it finally got working! I have now joined the rest of 2016 and have a Smartphone!! Finally I am able to see all the emoji's people send me!!!

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