Monday, April 17, 2017

15/52 Passion Play and Easter !

 Last week Monday started off with an INSANE Hail Storm! I was laying in bed and heard this terrible noise, I hopped out of bed to see golf ball size hail everywhere. I have never seen such hail before!
 So obviously I had to take a lot of pictures!
 My Book holder was dry so I hung it up on the wall.

 It was Day 2 of my Almay Foundation/Self Tanner Two in One, and I was liking it!
 Other things I loved last week. Dollar General's Chocolate Animal Crackers and re-watching Greys Anatomy from the beginning. 
 Wednesday was Day 3 of my Makeup Trial and I was starting to see some color on my face! Pretty Exciting!! It was also beautiful outside!

 After seeing Andrea's ( Easter Decor I got inspired to write out some of my favorite lyrics on my chalkboard. And yes, I barely fit it on there. I went around singing this song the whole week long.
 Thursday was Day 4! And a great day! Now that I actually have an hour break, and time to eat dinner and not rush around between students it is so much less stressfull!
 My last students of the evening have an ADORABLE little brother who loves to come in and give Miss Charity a hug. Tonight he wanted to show off his piano skills. He was quite good at playing Forte... :) :) :)

 Friday was Day 5,and I was really noticing some color on my face! For this Casper girl it was exciting!
 Wondering what I was going to do on the following days when I would need two hands.
 Friday night after I was done teaching Emboz picked me up and we went to see The Passion Play! It was great, but Madi was not so much into pictures. She just wanted it to start so she could see her Sissy.
 Our selfie's went along this line......
 Group shot at the end of the performance.
 By the time the play was over, it was way past Madi's bedtime and she was fading fast. We were outside the theatre talking to the cast and she was leaning on my side, while i rubbed her back.  She's also eating a sucker that I promised her if she was good during the performance.

Funny story, I carry a large purse. And usually people make fun of me. But that purse of supplies came in handy Friday night! First Em needed a tissue, then Madi needed some Water, then Em needed a Ricola, after that Madi needed some more water. Then Madi was hot, so I gave her the ice pack I always carry. (Long story) She didn't quite know what to do with it. haha so she gave it back. A little while later Em leans over and says "Hey, can I use that Ice Pack to ice my knee?" Girl, I got you!!! Then Madi needed a tissue,and at the very end I let her pick candy from my emergency snack bag. Which apparently I need to refill as I only had a sucker, and a mini candy cane. HA!

Anways, I thought it was hilarious and felt like I was prepared for Motherhood, at least the carrying around enough stuff for 5 people part of motherhood :)
 We found our Star of the show outside. Bethanne looked so grown up and professional on stage!
 B and her fan club.

 We went inside for something and ran into Jesus. So obviously we had to #SelfieWithJesus which has now become my most liked picture on facebook of 2017. HA!
 Em dropped me off at home around 9:30 and I decided to run over to Dollar General to get the items I still needed for Easter Sunday, so I could stay home on Saturday. I lined up all of my non perishables to be ready to cook.
 Saturday I did a mixture of bumming around and preparing for Easter. I cleaned my house and got the kitchen and the table scape ready. I thought it was so pretty!
 However I really need to paint my remaining two chairs white. I only keep two chairs out in the kitchen, and always forget my other two in the spare room are blue. Until I get them out for company.....
 Trying to snap an entire outfit picture is really hard! But this is my Easter Sunday look!
 For the second Sunday in a row an  intersection on the way to church was crawling with Policemen, and this time also firemen. It's a good thing I've been leaving extra early the last two weeks!
 I knew the 10:30 service at church would be packed, so I got there over 10 mins early. I realized when I sat down I should document all the earliness. I usually am only sitting down 1-2 minutes early so this was impressive!
 Easter has become My Holiday to host, which I love!! This year we had a small group, just my parents and my honorary Sister Sarah, as we call her. She is a student and now a friend, and this is the third holiday meal she has joined us for. When she left, my Mom said "Goodbye Other Daughter!!" hahahahahah
 While the girls were at the table chatting, Dad moved over to the couch and was out within minutes.
 We talked for an hour or more, and he slept thru that, and our cleaning up. I had to laugh when I came back into the living room and saw he had made himself more comfortable.
 We FINALLY figured out how to take a selfie with the three of us, with everyone's heads, and everyone smiling and looking good. It's a framer!! The key was me standing on my door step.
 Easter was also Day 7 of my makeup trial! On Saturday, Day 6, I switched to the Light/Medium shade and wow did i get tan in a hurry!!! I loved it! I used the same shade on Sunday and it looked great! I HIGHLY recommend this stuff if you are looking for a self tanner or even just a good foundation. It goes on well and has very good coverage. and the best part is if you happen to have allergies and blow your nose 9,000 times a day, it doesn't show where your makeup has rubbed off. It wears very well! (I do set it with my Coty Airspun Powder, because I am an oily girl)
 Getting creative with my finger numbers.
 By this point I'm just entertaining myself!

Also, my nails are 1.00 polish from Dollar General. This post is not sponsored by Dollar General but it should be, because I spend half my life there buying everything!

While we were eating Easter Dinner, the mail truck came and pulled into my drive way and put a package in my mailbox. The looks on my parents faces!!!! Who? What? How are you getting Mail? ON EASTER????!! Around here if you have an Amazon Prime order they deliver on Sundays. After buying this item from another seller and them never shipping it, fighting to get a refund, and then ordering it again, my Misfit Fitness tracker watch FINALLY arrived!! I was so excited!!!!!  I will hopefully have a detailed review of my thoughts on it next week. Right now I've had it on for about 5 hours and the time is wrong, but it is tracking my steps and movement. I can't wait to see what it says about my sleep! Stay Tuned!!

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