Monday, July 10, 2017


 Try to ignore the large water stain on my shirt. Apparently I have issues getting my drink to my face. #TheStruggleIsReal Monday I started off the week with some patriotic red white and blue!
 One of my students was twinning with me in the nail dept. So Of course we had to take a patriotic nails on the piano picture. Are you sensing a theme to this week yet?
 Even the chalkboard was decked out!!

 I have ONE picture from the 4'th of July. ONE. And It's bad quality thanks to the window. Sighs. My Parents came to town and helped me with some projects outside and got my fence fixed. After they came in and cleaned up my Dad finally got to open his Birthday and Father's Day gifts! I forgot to give them to him the last time he was here, so I made sure to have them out and sitting by the couch this time!

After they left, I showered and then relaxed for the evening. I watched fireworks in my front yard and got eaten alive by bugs. And was awake way too late thanks to the fireworks that never stopped. I love fireworks but I'm over fireworks season, every night for weeks on end.
 Weds am I knew I was going to regret having to get up early for a massage after being awake half the night, and I was right. SO.TIRED.
 But I was still reppin' the red, white and blue!!
 Decided to fancy up my tired self with a skirt.
 Half awake but still smiling.
 Thursday....... Thursday called for a spoonful *or two* of frozen chocolate icing.
 Thursday evening I realized I had a ton of books ready at the Library so I ran over to pick them up. I have already finished one (I'm writing this on Saturday)
Let's play a little game of count how many bug bites Charity has. Spoiler Alert, it's a lot.

Sunday dawned bright and early, and I was eager to drink my (large) cup of coffee to caffeinate before church! And it was TASTY!!

It was the second Sunday of the month, aka my time to serve, so I rocked the Orange shirt as best I could. I keep hoping one of these days we will get a more attractive shirt.


It was a busy and COLD, oh so cold, morning of serving. not outside, but in the sanctuary. SWEET MERCY!! I am never cold, and I had goosebumps. I will now be bringing a cardigan with me every week to church. I was frozen.

After church I warmed up in a hurry. I have had my old washing machine sitting in my kitchen for a while, waiting to be fixed. (No Worries, I got a new washing machine, I'm not in stinky clothes over here) and I finally couldn't take it. I sit at my kitchen table and work on my computer and my chair would always hit the washing machine. So after I got home from church I decided it was the time to move it outside, and into my shed. All by myself. And let me tell you, it might not have been pretty, but I got it out there without harming myself or the machine and I was pretty doggone proud of myself!!Sometimes it can be hard to be single and living alone, especially when you need muscles, so I was really pleased with myself for doing this by myself!! GO ME!!!

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